Instagram ++ Download iOS (No Jailbreak & PC Needed)

Instagram++ is the seventh most popular social platform with over 700 million of active users. After the huge success of Facebook, the same team launched this social platform for photos and videos sharing and earned huge popularity in few years. It is the highest downloaded photos-videos sharing mobile app and the major reason is its smoothing uploading and sharing ability.
Though Instagram is missing few basic features I feel that is intentional. With such high profile, developers adding these features won’t be an issue but Instagram decided to keep it totally focused on photo-video sharing. Yes, you can text people too.

But like me, there may be millions of other users who would love to have all those basic features whereas Instagram seems to keep it very focused on a particular field. Well, ignoring the need of millions of users won’t be a good idea too and that’s why Instagram has launched another separate version of it named Instagram plusplus (Instagram ++). This new app is very easy to download and use and comes with all the basic needed features along with the existing features. Below you will find all major features of this newly launched app.

Features of Instagram++

• People are loving the new inclusion of instagram++ as it provides all the missing features like date time customization, caption adding etc. Here are few of the highlighted features discussed in depth.
• Thumbnail or full feed: You can choose between thumbnail or full feed according to your comfort.
• Hide comments: You can hide comments when you are in full feed mode.
• Hide biodata: BioData Privacy provides you the option to hide your bio-data from your profile.
• Time-Date customization: Customize the time-date format according to your comfort.
• Caption inclusion: You can add captions to photos and I will be visible if the picture is focused or in zoom mode.
• High-quality pictures: You can see high-quality images in thumbnail mood too.
• Long hold zooming: Can zoom image with simply a long hold on the image.
• Better iOS service: Better smoothness in sharing for iOS devices as instagram++ comes with a built-in iOS share sheet.
• Easy sharing: You can simply double tap and share image and video.
• Direct access: Direct download from iOS camera roll.
• No jailbreakingneeded: Yes! You won’t have to take all the jailbreaking headache. You can directly use this app without jailbreaking.

And there are many more small needed changes they have introduces, hopefully, you will love those. Till now millions of Instagram users have installed this newly launched Instagram plus plus and they are just in love with it. Developers have worked really well on it and introduced the smoothest social photo-video sharing platform. Give it a try!

How to install Instagram++

Here are few simple steps you need to follow in order to download the newly introduced instagram++. You won’t find it in the app store for some terms & conditions based reason, but don’t worry instagram++ is absolutely safe to use and perfectly developed to maintain your privacy.

So here are the steps to download instagram++ : –


By using Tweakbox :


1: Download tweakbox from .

2: Install tweakbox on your iOS device and download instagram++ .

3: Enjoy the app.


By using Tutuapp :

1: Download tutuapp from .

2: Install tutuapp on your iOS device and download Instagram++ .

3: Enjoy the app.

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